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Cooperative Insights in coordination with FreeState Electric Cooperative and Touchstone Energy® has initiated a market research study to better understand young adult member perceptions. 

Member feedback from this study will assist FreeState Electric Cooperative and Touchstone Energy®: 

  • Understand young adult members’ member identity, satisfaction 
  • Evaluate young adult members’ perceptions on cooperative difference, cooperative principles 
  • Gain insights on how to improve young adult members engagement with cooperative 
  • Understand members’ preference on communication, cooperative community involvement and energy source 

Target Audience & Member Communications 

A Front Porch Forum is a new type of online research that provides a small group of members the ability to participate in a moderated discussion about the topics outlined above. Approximately 30 members are invited to participate in the online session that typically lasts up to one week. 

This year’s project targets residential members through a mix of online activities and discussion board questions. Members are sent an email invitation which includes a link to participate in the activities. At the end of the research project, members that have completed the required number of activities will receive an incentive ($25 Amazon e-gift card). The total time commitment from the members selected to participate is estimated at 30-45 minutes. 

Interview Schedule 

Cooperative Insights will release a screener survey to members Monday, April 10th followed by the formal email invitation to participate in the online activities to targeted members on Monday, April 17th. The activities will be available for comment during the week of April 17th to April 23rd. Members can complete the activities on various connected devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptop computers. 

Reports and Deliverables 

At the conclusion of the research project, FreeState Electric Cooperative and Touchstone Energy® management will receive a report summarizing the results and highlighting their cooperative’s findings. In addition to cooperative specific results, a list of member comments will be provided as part of the report. Cooperative Insights anticipates the final report will be distributed approximately two to three weeks after the conclusion of the data collection period. 

Member Questions 

Occasionally, a member may call your cooperative to inquire about the research project. Please reassure the member that the research project is legitimate, and the results will assist your cooperative provide better service in the future. 

If you receive any member complaints about the project, please contact one of the project team members listed below at your earliest convenience. To properly assess the situation, please make sure to include the following information: