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We have seen an uptick in smart home devices, especially when it comes to thermostats. While our summer is dwindling, the heat sticks around, and there are some things you can do to achieve optimum efficiency, which can save you money in the long run.  

Thermostats are the brain of the HVAC system, and it controls when and how much heating or cooling is delivered to your home. So many of us set it and forget it at a fixed temperature, but taking some time to learn how to use your thermostat effectively can significantly reduce energy consumption and save you money.  

Modern or smart thermostats have a variety of settings and modes that can impact energy usage. Take advantage of the programmable features that can create custom schedules based on your routines. By raising or lowering the temperature during times when you’re away or sleeping, you can save energy without compromising your comfort. Programming your thermostat is a simple but impactful way to optimize efficiency.  

Investing in smart thermostats can be a game-changer in some homes. These devices learn your preferences, adapt to your lifestyle, and can be controlled remotely through your smartphone. They provide valuable insights into your energy consumption patterns and help you make smarter choices when it comes to energy efficiency and conservation. The fan setting on thermostats is important when it comes to air circulation, using the fan only in moderate weather can maintain a comfortable environment without engaging heating or cooling systems.  Another tip is to resist the urge to make drastic temperature adjustments to "heat up" or "cool down" your home faster. Your HVAC system works at a consistent pace, regardless of the desired temperature. Making drastic changes only leads to overshooting the target and wastes energy. 

Don’t forget regular maintenance. A well-maintained HVAC system keeps it running optimally, no matter what the temperature is outside. By taking control of your thermostat and understanding its capabilities, you have the power to significantly impact your energy consumption and costs. Let's embrace smart thermostat usage and work together to save energy.