Ring Central Increases Reliability and Efficiency

Ring Central Increases Reliability and Efficiency

In November, FreeState Electric Cooperative installed a new phone system (Ring Central) to improve reliability, flexibility and emergency preparedness and offer enhanced features allowing us to better serve you.

To access FreeState’s full menu of options call 800-794-1989. Use the guide below to navigate FreeState’s member-friendly automated menu options and find the prompt best suited for your needs. Please listen carefully to the prompts. 

Ring Central has offered flexibility for our staff, who often work in the field, to set up critical business operations outside of the office in the event of an emergency; increased reliability by ensuring consumer-members no longer receive a busy signal; and enhanced the features available to our consumer-members. 

“Our priority is our member,” said Brent Edgecomb, manager of information technology. “We have been looking at ways to avoid phone provider outages and other issues. Switching to a new provider who is also very familiar with cooperatives, we hope we can create increased reliability to members, and efficiency with employees.” 

Edgecomb says the menu has not changed, but the provider side of the equation has already seen improvements. 

“The new phone provider is familiar with our operations systems on the line side and that helps us because they know and understand the importance of being operable even in the event of something going wrong.” 

Edgecomb also added that redundancy in the provider’s systems is designed to decrease the likelihood of a telephone provider outage. 

“We ultimately prepare for a worst-case scenario, so having built-in duplications for the systems gives us increased reliability, which is what our members expect,” he said.