Cooperative Governance - Leading The Way

Cooperative Governance - Leading The Way

The boardroom of a cooperative is not full of stakeholders or beneficiaries making decisions that will impact the bottom line and in turn, their share of profits. 

Instead, FreeState Electric Cooperative boardroom holds 11 member-owners who are local veterinarians, teachers at your child’s school, farmers, ranchers, local insurance agents, and community champions. They are committed to the communities in which they live and serve, and every decision they make impacts them the same way it affects you. 

The strength of FreeState is that members lead it. It’s one of the principles that guide cooperatives across the county – democratic member control. The leadership is also what makes cooperative’s different. You can select the people that govern you and make decisions on your behalf by voting at the annual meeting in the spring. 

The board of trustees works to be as open and transparent as they can be. Each board member plays a vital role as their input is key to how FreeState evolves and faces the challenges of meeting the energy needs of tomorrow. 

The board you have elected spends a significant amount of time serving and learning in this complex and rapidly changing industry. Trustees have a fiduciary duty to the electric co-op and face potential personal liability for breaching that duty. 

Electric co-op boards may be compensated for their leadership role in guiding the direction of the cooperative. That compensation is paid to board members who fulfill the purpose and accept the risk and responsibilities of being a board member. 

FreeState has adopted its bylaws and policies that are consistent with Kansas law. The local control FreeState can exercise is unique to the needs of members. FreeState’s board implements policies and practices that reflect transparency, ethics and accountability, and communication.

Are you interested in serving the cooperative?

Are you interested in assisting the selection process of co-op trustees? The FreeState nominating committee is one way to serve your cooperative. 

The nominating committee is responsible for determining the slate for member elections. They will evaluate qualifications and review potential candidates with other members of the committee. 

It is the goal of the nominating committee to identify and select the best board candidates that are presented to the members for voting. 

Qualifications of nominating committee members are: 

  • Member in good standing.
  • Committed to the time needed to select the leadership. 
  • Essential competencies of the process and leadership qualifications.

If you’re interested in serving your cooperative and would like more information, contact FreeState at 800-794-1989 or talk to a current trustee.

The nominating committee is selected in November, and trustee nominations will be taken in early 2019 with elections held at the 2019 annual meeting. 

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