The Value of a Tree

The Value of a Tree

By Randy Wager, ROW Superintendent

Most people have at least one memory associated with a tree. Maybe a tire swing hanging from an old tree at your grandparent’s house, or a favorite shaded resting spot on hot summer days. Maybe you carved your initials in the trunk of a tree as a child, then sought that tree out as an adult for those memories. The emotions trees prompt are just one reason we value trees.

Trees provide the frame for a pleasant view or provide a screen from an unpleasant one. They provide food and shelter to creatures big and small, and they have a proven positive impact on our emotional and physical health. 

If you are a fan of trees, like I am, there are many organizations you can join with the purpose of planting and preserving them. If you own an orchard, you might belong to the International Fruit Tree Association or The Home Orchard Association. If you make your living from harvesting timber, you might belong to a Timber Industry Association. And if you believe the planting of trees is essential to our well-being, you might be a member of the Arbor Day Foundation.

FreeState tree crew members have a respect for trees. We have involvement in the Arbor Day Foundation, Kansas Arborists Association, International Society of Arborists, and the Utility Arborists Association. This involvement ensures members we are well trained and devoted to giving your trees care that meets the highest standards in the industry.

For all the good that trees do us, eventually any tree in an urban setting will become a liability. Large mature trees are the biggest problem we see, especially if they are near a house, playground or power line. The consequences of older, diseased, or damaged brittle branches failing is what t we want to help avoid. We must remove or trim back these high-risk areas, so they no longer threaten infrastructure or pose a safety risk. 

If you are considering planting trees, FreeState can help you determine where to plant to add value to your property without interfering with our ability to provide you with reliable electric service. 

We get several calls with requests for trimming or removing trees that are causing a problem. I wanted to let our members know that we prioritize these requests. We take care of the most dangerous trees first and then trim where blinks and outages have been causing problems. We ask members to be patient and know that each request will be addressed as soon as possible by our qualified line clearance arborists on staff.

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