Powering Fort Leavenworth

FreeState Electric Cooperative is fortunate to be a part of American history by providing infrastructure to historic Fort Leavenworth Army base. This service is a vital part of our business. 

We are in year 11 of a 50-year contract to provide replacement and renewal of existing infrastructure and assets; operations and maintenance where we test, maintain and repair outages, and we provide capital improvement services that are a joint effort to propose development projects on the base that will improve infrastructure and reliability. 

There is no sale of electricity included in this contract. Our priority is building a safe and reliable system.

The Fort is considered one member of the cooperative, and this one member provides revenue and cash flow stability that allows for working capital that keeps the cooperative from having to borrow more significant sums of money. The Fort’s membership helps keep our costs stabilized, and we can provide rate stability across the board. 

At Fort Leavenworth, we employ an outpost that serves as a facility to store equipment, materials, and house five employees year-round. Ron Forshee, our Fort Superintendent, is stationed on base where he works with contractors, the Energy Department, and Fort leadership to plan out projects and programs. Four line crew are stationed there and rotate on an annual basis allowing all of our line crew an opportunity to learn the Fort system. The Fort’s system also allows our linemen a chance to participate in confined space training, among other training events that give them an opportunity for professional development. 

Our linemen cooperate with building contractors on base, as well as Fort capital improvement projects to provide and install services when needed. 

The contract at Fort Leavenworth does not cost our membership due to fixed payments for services. Instead, it offers us an opportunity to power a piece of American history.