Load Management

From June 1 to September 30 demand-side management (DSM) is one way that utilities can meet the electrical needs, or load, of their customers. Electrical generation, transmission, and distribution systems must be built for the worst-case scenario, meaning that all of these systems must be able to deliver the entire amount of power required by a utility’s customers, even on days with extremely high demand. Utilities’ loads are continually growing. This can be attributed to people moving into the service territory, the increasing amount of energy being used by consumer electronic devices, and residential central air conditioning becoming more common.

Utilities have two main ways to meet this growth: build more generation, transmission, and distribution or manage demand. DSM helps reduce power consumption, in turn reducing the need to generate additional electricity. In addition to meet growing energy needs, many utilities conduct DSM because it’s a customer-friendly practice. Energy efficiency, conservation, and load management efforts offer benefits to members over time.

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