Budget Billing

FreeState Electric Cooperative understands that it can be challenging to pay a bill that was not anticipated, and we remind our members about a billing program designed to help our members spread the cost of energy consumption over a 12-month period with consistent monthly payments. 

Budget Billing will help keep your monthly payment consistent and allow members to budget an amount that spread the actual costs over seasonal usage highs and lows. 

Variable energy consumption during seasonal peaks can create energy bills that are higher, or lower than expected. The unexpected increase in a monthly bill can be overwhelming, and Budget Billing is designed to help keep billing consistent, and monthly payments manageable. 

Any residential member in good standing, with consistent on-time payments, is eligible to enroll in the program. 

The cooperative will establish your monthly Budget Billing amount by averaging your billing history over the previous 11 months. You will need to have been a cooperative member for at least one year to participate in this program. This calculation will show up on your monthly bill as the amount due. Each monthly bill will also display the actual energy usage charge during that billing cycle. Your actual usage charge may be more or less than your Budget Billing amount due. 

Each member is still responsible to pay for the energy they consume over the 12-month period, and delinquent payments could result in expulsion from the program. 

Members will be expected to pay the Budget Billing amount, but are strongly encouraged to monitor their actual account with SmartHub to conserve energy when possible. There will be times of the year a member will use more, or less, energy than the Budget Billing set amount. 

The Budget Billing program is adjusted quarterly. Every three months your Budget Billing amount due will be recalculated. Members may see a nominal increase, or decrease, in the amount every three months. It could fluctuate depending on your energy consumption. The more you conserve, the more you save! 

Contact us at 800-794-1989 or customerservice@freestate.coop to find out if you qualify.