Attic Report Card

Members interested in any of our  program can contact Matthew Lambert, Energy Use Coordinator at or call 1-800-794-1989. 


Attic Report Card
The problem with most homes is poor attic insulation and air sealing. Poor insulation is the No. 1 cause of energy loss in a home.  In fact, attic insulation and air sealing are your only protection from attic heat. The Energy Star standard for attic insulation is R-60. Without 17 inches of dense cellulose in your attic, your home is under insulated and you are losing money.

FreeState Electric Cooperative wants to help you save money. Attic Report Card can help.  

How the program works:
• Go to and click “GRADE MY ATTIC” to schedule your assessment. You will be asked to select your cooperative (You will select KVE or LJEC).

• FreeState Electric Cooperative pays for the up-front cost to grade your attic. There is NO CHARGE to the homeowner for the grading.

• After your home is graded you will be given recommendations. Costs of upgrading insulation is the responsibility of the homeowner. There is no obligation to upgrade after your attic is graded. 

• If you choose to upgrade or follow the recommendations you could save up to 35 percent on your electric bill. 

For more information on Attic Report Card visit their website at or call the FEC office at 1-800-794-1989.