Shaping the Future Board of Trustees

From the CEO

Shaping the Future Board of Trustees
By Steve Foss

We have arrived at what we at the cooperative like to call annual meeting season. We are preparing to report the financial health of the cooperative, elect trustees, and come together to celebrate another successful year at our upcoming annual meeting. One of the first items of planning is our trustee election. 

As part of a cooperative, the trustees guide the business on your behalf. Each month, they examine challenges facing the industry and determine how issues will impact members, including themselves. The decisions made in the board room will determine rates, work plans, and programs. Trustees have a great responsibility, and it requires them to be committed to our members and the communities we serve, taking great care in every decision. 

Beginning June 2019, FreeState will move forward with nine trustees. 

This decision was made diligently by our board. This year, Dallas Caster will retire from the board and the term of Mark Gratny—who was completing the term fulfillment for the late Larry Meadows—will end. These two positions will not be filled. The board also considered best practices for cooperatives of this size from across the country. The trustees studied the National Rural Electric Association’s assessment and determined that nine trustees moving forward was in the best interest of the cooperative. 

Each year, a nominating committee assists members in finding a pool of applicants who are up to the task of serving as trustees. The committee members recruit as best they can, but some years there just isn’t any interest in running for the board. I can tell you that our committee takes recruitment of trustees seriously, and they work hard to get at least two candidates for each position. But there are some years where that just isn’t possible. This was one of those years.

On Feb. 4, the nominating committee gathered to determine the 2019 slate. On Page 16G, you’ll find that information. 

You can expect your ballots to be delivered the first week of April. The timing of this publication allows us to introduce the candidates to you this month and provide more information next month that will help you decide when it comes to voting for your representation. 

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