Voting For Your Voice

Voting For Your Voice
By Steve Foss, CEO

We have arrived at what we at the cooperative like to call annual meeting season, the time of year when we prepare for our annual meeting. Each year, we report the financial health of the cooperative, elect trustees and gather together to celebrate another successful year. We begin by planning the trustee elections.

As part of a cooperative, the trustees guide the business on your behalf. Each month, they examine challenges facing the industry and determine how issues will impact all consumer-members. The decisions made in the board room will determine rates, work plans and programs. Trustees have a great responsibility, committing time and effort to our members and the communities we serve. And, they take great care in every decision.

This is why using your voice to vote in the trustee election is so important. It’s what makes the cooperative unique. It’s your chance to have your voice heard. You have one vote, so use it wisely. Be diligent when choosing a candidate. Take time to read their biographical information or ask questions about the candidates. These are your neighbors, friend and community leaders and they have chosen to step up for the chance to lead your cooperative.

Each year, we have a nominating committee tasked with choosing qualified candidates from the applicants and presenting members with a slate of qualified candidates. I can tell you that our committee takes recruitment of trustees seriously.

On Feb. 4, the nominating committee gathered to determine the 2020 slate presented to you. Inside this issue, you’ll find that information. We’ll also provide this in our April issue with more details regarding the annual meeting because we want you to be informed before you make your selections.

This year, you can expect your ballots to be delivered around April 1. The timing of this publication allows us to introduce the candidates to you this month and provide more information next month to help you decide who to vote for your representation.