Thankful for Our Employees

Thankful for our Employees
By Steve Foss, CEO


November is time to consider what we’re thankful for, and this year I’m thankful for the co-op employees that work for each of you here at FreeState.

We have top talent here, but what makes them an incredible workforce is their dedication and commitment, not only to our members but our cooperative’s guiding principles. Each employee understands what makes a cooperative unique, and they work hard to showcase the real cooperative difference.

It’s people, commitment and dedication. It’s taking action. We’re highlighting the seventh cooperative principle, concern for community, in this issue.

On the next page, you’ll read an example of that principle. But first I want to mention that without our trustees’ and employees’ generous contributions, we wouldn’t be able to do what we did last month. The folks behind the scenes here at FreeState are the reason we can do incredible things and make a difference.

It started in May when the board of trustees elected to again participate in the CoBank Sharing Success program. This grant program matches employee donations dollar-for-dollar and is presented to the nonprofit organization of the cooperative’s choosing. CoBank’s program applies the seventh cooperative principle, “Concern for Community,” by doing for others and helping our communities succeed by providing support to local organizations. CoBank is our primary lender, and we’re proud to leverage our partnership to make an impact in our territory.

FreeState’s nine trustees challenged employees to raise money for the annual Sharing Success program. Our goal was $7,500, and the trustees and employees achieved it. All donations come directly from our trustees’ and employees’ pockets. This summer, they rallied and rose to the challenge. We wrapped up our program as board president Jeanine Murphy and I witnessed the sheer joy and gratitude of an organization that needed our support. It was a humbling moment, and I was proud of FreeState’s willingness to rise to the occasion. 

This accomplishment speaks volumes of the commitment and dedication your cooperative has to our communities, the people who call it home, and our neighbors and friends. I greatly appreciate all our employees do for this cooperative, and I thought our members would, too.